Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my infant’s teeth?

Yes! The plaque needs to be removed, either with a cloth (You can purchase special wipes for this) or with a baby toothbrush.

What is a good age for my child to start seeing the dentist?

The child can accompany the parent when the parent goes for a cleaning. This will help the child to see the dental surgery as a non-threatening place. In my experience, children as young as two are willing to sit through a basic polish and Fluoride treatment.

Are thumb sucking and pacifiers harmful for my child’s teeth?

Not always, but if they carry on for a long period of time they can alter the teeth positioning. Most children stop on their own but if they carry on after the age of three there are appliances and other methods we can use to help them.

Is a night bottle harmful for my child’s teeth?

YES! Unless it is water. If the bottle contains anything except water, it will create an environment in the child’s mouth that will cause increased caries activity and lead to “baby bottle caries”.

Must I worry about my child grinding at night?

No, and although studies have been inconclusive as to why children grind their teeth at night, the good news is that they usually grow out of it. Adults use bite plates to stop the wearing down of tooth structure but that is not advisable for children as they are still growing and a bite plate would hamper the growth of their jaw.