Emergency Tips

1. Toothache a. Try and get the child to rinse well with warm water. Dislodge any food stuck on or between the teeth with floss. Cold Compress for the swelling. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY ASPRIN/ DISPRIN ON THE GUM, this will make the problem worse by burning the gum. See your dentist ASAP.

2. Chipped or broken tooth a. Retrieve the pieces, wash the mouth well and hold a cold, damp cotton wool wad against the bleedy spots.

3. Primary tooth gets knocked out a. Please do not try and re-implant it! Make an appointment as soon as possible. Some Calpol can be given for pain relief.

4. Permanent tooth gets knocked out a. Retrieve tooth hold it by the part that is in the mouth (not by the root). Do not scrub the tooth. Try and re-implant. If that is not possible, put it in milk or water WITH a pinch of salt. The tooth has the highest chance of survival if implanted within an hour. So, see the dentist ASAP.