Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) for Dental Caries Management in Children

child on dentist chair

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is commonly used to treat cavities (caries) and prevent them from spreading and growing. This treatment is often used as an alternative to drilling, and is great for anyone who may feel uncomfortable with invasive dental instruments.

As popular as SDF is, not many people know much about its uses, and at Wiggly Teeth we understand that our customers want to know as much as possible about the products we use on their children.

What is SDF?

Silver Diamine Fluoride comes in a liquid form and is used to treat and prevent cavities. This substance was first used in Japan close to 100 years ago and is now used worldwide by dentists with great success. The liquid contains:

  • Silver
  • Fluoride
  • Water
  • Ammonia

Each ingredient is chosen for a specific reason. Silver kills bacteria, while water helps the substance maintain its liquid form. Fluoride assists with tooth rebuilding and ammonia concentrates the liquid so less goes a long way.

What Are The Benefits?

SDF’s main benefit is its dental caries management in children and adults, but this substance has many, more in-depth benefits when it comes to oral hygiene, including:

  • SDF assists in getting rid of the bacteria that damage and break down your teeth.
  • The substance is a far more comfortable option when compared to drilling caries.
  • SDF provides a great alternate option to those nervous about dental instruments.
  • SDF is able to effectively minimise cavities and even prevent them.
  • SDF treatments only need to be performed around once a year in order for you to reap the benefits.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Fortunately, SDF shows very few side effects, and is even safe for kids, having shown many positive results in dental caries management in children.

That being said, SDF should not be used if you have oral ulcers, gum diseases, major tooth decay or a silver allergy. This could all cause the treatment to be very painful.

The only other negative side effect, which is common, is the black stain around the treated area which some patients experience. But new research has found ways to keep staining to a minimum through the use of potassium iodide.

Here at Wiggly Teeth, children’s dental clinic in Pretoria, we truly care about the dental health of your little ones. Our clinic has been created with children in mind, with an aim to create an environment in which they feel relaxed and safe.

If you have any questions about SDF and dental health for children, or would like to make an appointment, feel free to call us on +27 12 347 0718.

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