What we DO


Distinguishes one disease from another, differentiates between normal and abnormal and formulates an appropriate treatment plan.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays are an important part of dental care treatments.

Preventative Dentistry

Prevention being better than cure. Good oral hygiene should be taught at an early age.

Scale and Polish

A scale and polish is a professional clean carried out by a dentist or hygienist to remove the plaque and calculus.

Fluoride Treatments

The best thing you can do to keep your kids' little chompers strong and healthy?


Mouthguards are a kind of dental device made to protect and cover your teeth and gums to help prevent or reduce the chances of injury. This is a gadget often used to help prevent damage that could take place during contact sport. It can go by many names, such as gum guard, gum shield, mouthpiece, mouth protector.

Bite Plates

Equipment used in orthodontic treatments to correct overbites. They are also sometimes used to treat grinding or clenching of the teeth while sleeping.


Restorative dentistry is the treatment of diseased teeth in order to restore and bring them back to their best health.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth just cant be saved and this is when a tooth extraction is the best option. Wiggly Teeth provides tooth extraction services in Pretoria East.