Dental Care for Children With Special Needs

closeup of mother helping her toddler son applying tooth paste, children's dentist in Pretoria

A patient with special needs may be affected by medical, developmental, physical or cognitive conditions with special considerations when receiving any medical treatment, including dental care. 

This kind of care requires compassion, understanding and kindness, and it’s understandable why parents or carers of children with special needs would want them to receive the most specialised attention possible. 

For this reason, the team at Wiggly Teeth provides dental care for kids with special needs such as autism, spinal cord injuries, down syndrome, and countless others. 

Here are some dental care recommendations for children with special needs. 

Regular Check-Ups 

Children with physical or mental disabilities often run a greater risk of encountering dental problems. 

Therefore, we recommend bringing your child in for regular check-ups to treat potential health risks. Moreover, some disabilities can result in delays in tooth eruption, which can cause malformed or extra teeth to grow. Crowding or uneven alignment may result in gum disease or tooth decay. 

Assistance With Brushing & Flossing 

Brushing and flossing is an essential daily dental care ritual for all. However, if your child struggles when doing this, we recommend you help them thoroughly and gently get the job done. Position yourself behind your child’s head, or lay them down on the bed to gain improved visibility and control when brushing and flossing. 

Reduce Sugar From Diet 

Sugar can adversely affect the condition of one’s teeth. For this reason, it is wise to limit sugary foods and drinks. Drinking water at regular intervals is also advisable. 

Moreover, certain medicines may include sugar. Therefore, when acquiring a new medication from your doctor, you should inquire whether or not the new prescription contains any. There are many sugar-free alternatives. However, if the medication contains sugar, practice consistent mouth rinsing, or brushing their teeth afterwards to prevent the potential damage caused by sugar to your kid’s teeth. 

We understand that getting any child to visit the dentist can be tricky. And this rings even more true if your child has any special needs. For this reason, we provide special needs dentistry, dentistry that is warm, welcoming and compassionate. 

At Wiggly Teeth, we’re proud to offer dental care for kids with special needs. Our practice is a safe space for children and parents. To book, please get in touch today. You are more than welcome to chat to our team before you bring your child in to see what the best approach will be.

See you soon!

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