Teething toddler & what to do about it

sad baby sitting down and crying

“The only constant is change” – Heraclitus of Ephesus.

Becoming a parent comes with a lifetime of changes and unexpected twists. The little human that’s in your care is on a continuous growth journey and they’ll need you to understand the discomfort it comes with often. Ask any parent about the terrible twos and they’ll likely share stories of chaos and trying to adapt.

One of the changes that happen in this phase of a toddler’s life is teething. They might not remember it in a few years, but the process can be stressful if not attended to the right way. In this article, we discuss teething symptoms and remedies for 1 to 2-year molars.

Six key symptoms of molar teething in 1 to 2-year-olds

  1. Constant signs of being irritable, such as crying
  2. The tendency to chew on clothes, toys & other things in the vicinity
  3. Non-stop drooling
  4. A sudden aversion to eating
  5. Skin irritation around the mouth
  6. Inflamed gums with a noticeable red tone

What next? Try these remedies to provide relief for your tot

  • Sterilize your finger and use it to give your toddler a soft gum massage.
  • Give them some crunchy snacks, such as raw fruit and vegetables, to chew on.
  • Wring cold water through a clean facecloth and allow your child to chew on it.
  • Cool an object, such as a teaspoon, in the fridge and use it to gently massage the gums.
  • Wipe excess saliva off your toddler’s chin with a clean cloth and apply a child-friendly moisturiser to sooth irritation.

Take Charge & Ensure That The Change Is As Comfortable As Possible

Think back to when your wisdom teeth grew out as an adult (that’s if you’re not experiencing this as we speak). Now imagine that your little one must put up with that much pain and discomfort for even more teeth.

Having teeth burst out of your gums is certainly one of the most painful and unnerving experiences that human beings endure. Give these remedies a try to make things better for your child or consider booking an appointment with Wiggly Teeth for professional kiddy dental solutions.

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