Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Our training as dentists teaches us to save a teeth when possible. There are times when this is not possible, and this is when a tooth extraction is the best option. Wiggly Teeth provides tooth extraction services in Pretoria East.

Q. When is a dental extraction necessary?

Generally speaking, the best option is to save teeth with procedures like fillings. When there is nerve damage, a baby root canal can be performed. If a tooth is cracked, the decay is progressing deep under the gum or tooth a severe abscess, a tooth extraction procedure is usually the best option. Sometimes primary teeth are removed if the corresponding permanent tooth is already visible in the mouth.

Preparation for orthodontic treatment can also necessitate the removal of a tooth. Poorly positioned teeth can also be candidates for removal as is the case with wisdom tooth removal (which would usually be done by a maxilla facial surgeon)

Q. Do all wisdom teeth require extraction?

The short answer is no. With the help of X-rays, we can determine whether your wisdom teeth must be removed. There are some people who live their entire lives with their wisdom teeth without any problems. If there is an infection, impaction, gum inflammation, or cavities present, removal is the best option.

Q. Are tooth extractions painful?

An extraction usually will remove the source of your pain. The procedure itself is usually painless. You will be numb, so will not feel pain during the removal, only a feeling of pressure being applied. In our dental practice, extractions are done gently, usually within a few minutes. The tooth is numbed using a special machine which does not even look like an injection, popularly known as the “STA Wand”.

Q. How much pain is there after a tooth extraction?

The majority of people will feel some discomfort after the procedure. Each person is unique, and this means that everyone experiences a teeth removal procedure differently.

We will prescribe pain medication to help soothe the discomfort.
Primary (baby) teeth are hardly ever painful after removal.

Q. Will there be a hole after the removal?

Gums will take a few weeks to cover the socket of the extraction. If it was a primary tooth that was already a little loose there is usually a minimal hole.

Q. What is the aftercare instructions following a tooth extraction procedure?

At Wiggly Teeth, we suggest sticking to a soft diet after your removal procedure, and to slowly work your way up. It is critical for the first 24 hours that you do not spit or drink with a straw. In the first 24-48 hours after the procedure, the formation of the blood clot is very fragile. Putting pressure on the clot by smoking, spitting or drinking with a straw, can displace the blood clot.

In dental terms, we call this a dry socket. It can be extremely painful, and should be avoided. If you are still experiencing pain 3 days after your removal, be sure to contact your dentist. A dry socket can easily be treated by putting a medicated dressing over the extraction socket. Again, this is very unlikely with primary teeth.

Q. Should I replace the missing tooth?

Teeth removal usually necessitates the use of appliances that can keep space open and not allow the adjacent teeth to drift. This drifting can cause space shortage for the adult teeth.

This is usually done if a molar is removed.

Dental implants are usually recommended as the best option to replace missing teeth (only for adults) A dentist will usually wait 4 months before doing an implant. This gives the bone a chance to fill in. In some cases, a dental implant can be placed on the same day as the removal. Some dentists recommend a bone graft during the extraction, which can be used for future dental implants. There are other options like bridges and dentures for adults if implants cannot be done to replace teeth.

If you have any questions regarding teeth extraction procedures, feel free to give us a call on +27 73 500 5753 or book an appointment.

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